Thursday, January 22, 2009

2 classes worth of figure.

Last figure class was bad. Or, maybe it wasn't. Part of it was bad. We started with some gestures:

And I decided it was time to do change it up. The way I have been doing gestures was obviously not working, the oblong, roundy shapes I used for limbs were okay but I wanted to move faster. My solution? Stick figures. Yes, just like being a kid again. ^_^ In my mind I was bringing the figure back to step 1, super-basics and I figured that I could move out from there, maybe I'd get better faster once I got good at the stick figures? Not bad logic all told. You can compare the above 1-minute gestures to the ones from last Thursday's class. I personally think they're an improvement already. Anyway, after a ton of short gestures we moved on to a few longer gestures:

And then we spent the rest of the class (1 hour) on a contour drawing. I was fine with that, it was going well, but here comes the suck part... Forgard told me the head was too big. He was right and I erased it...and re-drew it...and erased it again, 'cause now it was too small... and all told I must've drawn that head around 5 times and you know what? It still wasn't right. So I erased the whole thing because we had 15 minutes left in the class.

Moving along we have today. Today has been a WEIRD day. I went to my morning class, it got cancelled half-way through because my professor was coughing so bad he could no longer talk. So myself and a friend went to do our history homework in the library. Then I got a text saying that Joe was headed to lunch and I should meet him there. He did not eat lunch, or share his artwork, or talk much and after lunch he dumped me... and there's a part of me that thinks "Dick." everytime I run through that story in my head. But the fact is, when he explained his reasons, he's doing the right thing. I think he will be the better for having dated me, however briefly and we are still friends. So I know, why am I posting this here, right? Well, after I returned the few things I had of his, he left and I went to the gym, and then on to figure after that. And here's where it becomes relevant: I had the best figure class I have had in a very long time. I didn't do a single page of gestures that sucked ass, and I was mostly happy with both of the long poses:




Then, following this long series of gestures and a critique of the contour drawings (which I could only partially participate in thanks to having erased my drawing) we did two half-hour poses:

30-Minute (I am giving the blue one to the model as a goodbye gift)

So you see, I have always believed that I do better work when I am alone, and here I am, proven quite right. That is more than enough for now!

Love and coffee,

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