Monday, February 9, 2009

Ill and GIC

In Illustration 1 we've been working on two projects. The first is an advertisement for Preparation H, which is currently moving toward color studies. The other is a vintage film illustration. I have already posted some thumbnails for that project but I have the final to show now. My film choice was The Lodger,
We'll be doing these in color on the computer soon,

Now, moving on. Intro to GIC (graphic interactive communication) has been torture. I have been trying hard to create items for this "Personal Identity Project"... TORTURE. Here's a summary of the assignment: "Create a business card, an envelope and stationary that express who you are and show what you can do but don't limit your job possibilities." >_< GAH! I worked all weekend creating an image for this assignment, it's posted here:
Sorta cute, burning incense, hot coffee, mountains, and a kitty

It's me, pretty much, but it looks like cheesy clipart. It's kinda boring. Taft agreed and we are moving forward in a different direction. But it is sort of cute so I thought I would post it anyhow.

Finally a personal project, a Valentine's Day gift for Joe:
Have started painting it. Hope I get it done in time.

And that is all for now!
Love and coffee,

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