Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ink Figures, Ill Final and GIC as presented in class

First we have figure. We played with ink the class before last, first 3-minute studies with a pallet knife, chopstick and... um, oh! The eyedropper from the ink bottle! :
Next we did two 14-minute studies, putting down a wash and ink lines, letting one dry while we worked on the other:
Finally we did a long pose with ink and washes, the foreshortening got lost on the legs, was 35-minutes I think:

Next we have Illustration I where we just finished the vintage film project:
And I got back my Personal Identity Project from GIC:

All for now! Love, and coffee,


  1. good stuff anne! hey, what did you use for your ink gestures? that a brush?

  2. oops, nm, read your post description.