Monday, March 30, 2009

So, we had to do a caricature in Illustration and I decided to do Amanda Lepore. Now the trouble with Amanda is that she's... sort of a caricature already... So every time I drew her it seemed like she was just a super-exagerated caricature of any random hot chick. So I kept looking into her and found this quote wherein she stated that her goa was to be half way betweem Jessica Rabbit and Marilyn Monroe. So I planned to do the three of them at a bar, with the two others looking at Miss Lepore in horror. The composition was a NIGHTMARE and the last thing I wanted was a repeat of the last assignment (where I didn't realize the composition was bad until it was too late and I almost re-didthe whole thingwith anewfilm anditwasreallybadand Iwas inablindpanicanditsuckedandIwantedtohide
undermybed andcry...) Heh, so anyway I finally worked out the composition the class before the piece was due and I brought it to Barker and... he... shot it down. But he suggested the one thing I had been avoiding like the plague: symetry. And so it was and so it is.

Color studies:

Final, as handed in:
The spotlight doesn't show up well so I am currently revising (Oh! and I have to add sparkles to Jessica's dress)
Love and coffee,

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  1. Jessica Rabbit is my Favorite ! nice work lady face. ;D