Saturday, April 18, 2009

Feels like I been posting nothing but figure work...

So, two parts to this post, sorry if the first part is boring :)

This is mainly an interesting occurrence I want to make a minor record of. On Friday I went to lunch, with the intention of eating quickly and quietly and then running over to speak with Joe before his class began. I happened to sit down near an older fellow in a suit with a fancy Ringling folder who engaged me in conversation. His name is Jack Harrison and he is a trustee of the college. He asked me if there was anything I felt was unsafe about the school. I joked a little about the neighborhood and brought up the lack of a sidewalk down Bradenton, but then I thought about it. He asked if the security's presence was strong, I told him it was, they're always helpful if I need to send someone home from the Cove at 2 am. Even still, with the school's expansion, I said it might be good to have another guy. He asked me, if I could add to the staff it would be a security officer? I said probably yes, or else a maintenance worker. They have a lot of trouble keeping everything in working condition and I don't think they've hired on a new person since the construction started. One day the water in the bathroom sink wouldn't shut off. It just poured full-blast down the drain all day. I put in a report but it just took them time, not really a safety issue though.
We talked about mental health and the availability of help. No problems really, I told him I had seen people with trouble get help with through the available resources with great success. He asked about RAs and what I felt their purpose is in the dorm. I told him about our RA and how he's busy a lot and not usually available in an emergency but that if there is a feud starting he is a very good mediator. He seemed to accept that and I brought up physical health. I cannot tell you how often I have watched someone here get sick and wait, often a long while, to be sure that whatever is the matter with them is serious enough to warrant going to the hospital or making an appointment with Dr. Weinburg. I made a point of letting Mr. Harrison know that I am very fond of Dr. Weinburg, but getting over there is not convenient. It's enough of a hassle that people will wait and go to class with miserable potentially contagious diseases for a week while they wait in hope that it will go away. He agreed that that was a problem and asked if there were a nurse who visited or something would that be helpful. I said yes, because people will take emergencies to the hospital and have access to something easy for minor problems so they don't wait forever. He is going to advocate for a nurse for us, and I am pleased.

Then we have figure, class was going well, I did some good gestures:


And then we went on break, returned, and I could not draw shit. I drew the same drawing for an hour and then Eli and I traded because I had erased my fifth attempt. THIS IS NOT MY DRAWING!
Eli did this amazing piece in less than 20-minutes, and he used my crazy lime pastel and I was really happy and stole it... Again, NOT MINE, ELI'S! Check his stuff out, he's amazing.
Love and coffee,

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