Saturday, September 12, 2009

Final Post for the Day: Children's Book characters!

To start working on our children's books we needed a story. Justin and I had been planning to do a story together and it turned out perfect for this assignment. I started with these character designs:
It was a reasonable starting point, I worked on the mother for a while, drawing a re-drawing changing and tweaking, then the boy. Once I had the boy worked out:
I added that style to the mother (far right) and asked some advice. Joe said she was a little "naughty schoolgirl" and not so much "business casual". I didn't like that for her to be "motherly" she had to be thick, but he's right, she looks better (though it may have more to do with the different outfit I put on her)
So here are the final working character designs, sized to scale!

And that is finally all for now! Love and coffee,

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