Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ill II does not go well

So, if you saw my previous post about the fashion illustration for Ill II you know that it was kind of a rough week. Well... that is sort of how this latest assignment has gone too. We had to do a cover for a book. I decided to do a full jacket for "The Year of Living Biblically" by A.J. Jacobs. I did thumbnails, I worked it out, all was well... then I came in on Monday with this half-complete image and Thiel hated it. Just hated it. He said to start over, he wants me to do it the way I did the Greenspan/Bernanke piece. Okay but it's due Wednesday. AGAIN. So I went and checked out a camera and a tripod but I couldn't get the tripod until the next day and I couldn't get anyone who I could shoot reference of in the daylight... Ugh. Needless to say I did not complete the assignment by Wednesday. But here's the incomplete of what the cover was going to look like with some text thrown in:
And the drawing a little clearer, I don't know why he hates it, he said it didn't look like anything else I had ever done... I'll have to figure it out.

Working hard. Love and coffee,

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