Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Computer Ill from awhile back.

We had an open project that was meant to involve an imaginary film based around the three little pigs. My group decided to do a surreal film inspired by "Babe: Pig in the City" which is a cracked film. If you ever want to watch something that is totally weird I recommend it highly. I wrote the whole synopsis so our group would all be on the same page but no one read it. {shrug} I ended up doing storyboards and drew directly into photoshop, which is not something I usually do. It was hard.
In the end I ran out of time and the class felt that the sequence of events didn't read well without description. I think that's fine as these are meant to be storyboards and the camera crew would have a shot list and a script to go from as well. If he wanted comic pages he should have said so. Otherwise the project went fine. Casey did some nice character designs and Meg did some cool locations. Overall we did a pretty nice job. Go team! ;)
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