Saturday, January 23, 2010

More from last semester

You remember the project for Ill II for Thiel where we had to do a book cover and he canceled me at the last minute? And he wanted me to do something different with it, something like the Fed Chair piece? Yeah, well I tried, and had little luck with it:
Fortunately I think that I can give him what he wants this semester and make some stuff that's good. Anyway, we also had a children's book illustration image we had to do and again he hated what I was doing so I did a version that I thought he would like but Thiel thinks photoshop filters are better artists than I am so here's the version I did for him and what he did with the other version of it:
Finally for today we have another piece for Children's book. Eli is supposed to do the cover for our book so I did a book cover for a Neil Gaiman story about a princess with pearls for eyes:
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