Saturday, February 6, 2010


Over the break Thiel asked me to do some drawings in the style of the piece I did about Ben Bernenke and Allen Greenspan, one of them was a baby tiger. I completed the piece using open acrylics and I am not sure it worked. I am continuing to paint it and hopefully it will at least be a nice painting someday.
Next up we have the second assignment for Ill II. I had been working on the tiger test all weekend and on Monday Thiel decided that the final for our second piece was due Wednesday. That's two days. I had a thumbnail and reference. So for a two-day piece it's not so bad. For a final piece by a Junior Illustrator, it's terrible. This is for a story by David Sedaris titled "Loggerheads".
Finally we have the drawing for the third Ill II assignment. The Story is "While the Women Are Sleeping" by Javier Marias. I have started the drawing. The thumbnail is not yet approved. I hope to have the final done by class on Monday.

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