Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We're doing character designs and sequential pieces in Ill II. I came in with a design for a goblin character which Thiel said was "Shrek 2" because the character was green. Keep in mind, it was not even close to the same color of green and that was the only similarity between my character and Shrek... So, I came in with a new character design:
Grembo, the Hormone Problem Fairy

Thiel Hated it. I had also worked up a different character design, which I plan to work while I complete my official piece:
Meet Professor James Sian, Who thinks Everything is garbage. Also, Mr. Goblin!

I wanted to work over the break so I made a point of catching Thiel on Friday to show him my new idea, The Quest for the Vision Cave:
He approved but I ended up spending nearly the whole break working on my piece for Cosmix. Which came out okay. Anyway, here's the progression of the character designs:

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