Sunday, August 22, 2010

Panic Subsiding

We move on Saturday. Class starts Monday. Things due to the apartment complex on Wednesday.

Monday I have bronze casting. I may have some sketches to do before the next class, but that's probably about it... So, I am less terrified about getting things done. Also helping that is the fact that I have completed the drawings for a ton of the little projects I have to do. Lydia's last drawing is done:
Lydia's commission is at the top of my list of things to get done, but Joe also passed a commission on to me and I have that drawing done:
Finally for today we have two projects from last summer that I set aside and had basically forgotten about... :\ I have more of these sorts of projects saved that I talked to people about made sketches for and saved somewhere. If you asked me for something, I probably haven't forgotten about it. Morgan, you're in there, Ivy, Matt, you guys too. I promise.
It's not like a couple sketches is the same as finishing a bunch of projects, but it made me feel better. From here Lydia's stuff will get painted first and Matt, I'll get back to it, things have been crazy and I am so sorry...

Love and coffee

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