Friday, September 10, 2010

What do I want to cast in bronze? Also, welding.

Deciding what to do for bronze casting was driving me crazy over the summer, whatever I did was going to stick around for awhile so I had to do a real piece with some serious concept behind it.  And that was terrifying.  So I thought about it and I worried about it and I went to the class still without any idea what I was going to do and then I let it go.  Once I let it go I was actually able to think about the sorts of ideas that need to be explored and then it slowly came to me:

I know that some people are going to roll their eyes and declare that this is just one of those "shock-value" works and that's their right.  I know the image is simple but I hope some people will stop and think about what it means.  It already has a title: "The 13 to 31 Demographic: Portrait of MJ".  The piece will be in the round and wall-mounted.

We were supposed to come in with three pieces to do over the course of the semester, I have a feeling this piece is going to take most of my time.  That said I still need to finish "I-Ra-Ra-Ran" and I want to do some larger welding after that.  I am thinking of making a fourth piece in the I-Ran set.  This one would be taller and a little more organic, almost tree-like: 
If the set of three is meant to bring to mind a field of oil derricks, this one should bring to mind something similar but something that is twisting and growing.  It should be a lot of fun to work on.

All for now!  Love and coffee,