Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A bunch of stuff

 A couple of weeks ago I volunteered to help Cat Depot (the local no kill shelter for cats) with an event they are having.  I showed up for training and further volunteered to help with the signs for a couple of the events.  I was then asked to make a couple more signs.  Here are the illustrations for the signs:

Also awhile back I took over a commission for Joe to paint a couple of fellows from a photo.  The photo wasn't great but I think I managed to make it pretty nice:

 Also, More Goblins!  This is the first page in a new sketchbook.  The note I made next to this when I drew it is actually kind of cute.  It says, "The ancient goblin tradition of 'bathing the bridegroom' goes back to a time when many marriages went unconsummated due to the brides' inability to stand their husbands' odor."  And there is Agorot in the background falling toward the bath.

Next up we have the drawing for SCOTUS Judge Anthony M. Kennedy:

Finally, last week I was asked by Lauen to help with a half-completed project for a co-worker.  She needed it by Saturday and I am pleased to say I met that deadline.  The drawings for pages 1-6 were drawn so I made some adjustments in places but tried to stay true to what the previous artist had done. I tried to maintain the style for the rest of the images.
All for now!!! Love and Coffee

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