Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Media began with a 48-hour assignment, a self-portrait of oneself screaming, in ink.  I did mine, and it was going well, if I had managed to stop at a certain point it would have been a pretty good self-portrait.  As it stands I wish I had never added shadow to the face.  Also the sketch for the second Media assignment, "Man, Pet and Machine": 

Next up, I finally scanned an older piece for Postapocatlyptic, I post it because it shows sort of what I want to do with the backgrounds:

Here is an initial idea and the layout and drawing that I am going with for my Senior Portrait:

Three more SCOTUS Thumbnails (Ginsburg, Alito and O'Connor respectively):

 And finally we have the Sketch for my appropriations piece for Conceptual Practices:
All for now, Love and Coffee,

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