Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Return

 The requirements for this piece were that I use straight lines and string.  Within those limitations I wanted to create something that would be so playful it would draw the whole class in.  I also wanted to bring everyone back to their childhood.  To that end, the set up is meant to be reminiscent of a kid's science museum with the grid and the shiny numbers and letters.

I called the class over to it, and they looked at the bag hanging on it's string from the ceiling and then I unplugged the end and pushed it toward the rest of the class.  Some people reacted initially, pushing the bag, trying to make it draw on the floor, others didn't warm up to it until the colors started to shift.
  By the end, the whole class was involved so some degree or other and I consider the piece a  success. 

Love and coffee,

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