Thursday, December 18, 2008

This semester P1

Well, let's see, I think the best way to start something like this off is with an introduction, and I think the best sort of introduction for this shall be an overview of this just-past semester. I had five classes: Figure II, Illustration I, Illustration Media, Painting I and Women Artists in History. I enjoyed all of my classes this semester and with the exception of my Art History class, I think I produced some decent artwork in each one. That said, we can begin with Figure:

So this is my favorite 1-minute gesture,

2-minute gesture,

5-minute study,

20-minute study,

and long figure study.

Now I say favorite, rather than "best" because the longer I'm in school, the more apparent it becomes that I have no idea what my best work is. :) I will post my favorites from another class tomorrow. For now,
Love an coffee,

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