Monday, December 29, 2008

This semester P2

So as it turns out, I am easily distracted and I totally didn't update as promise with a page devoted to the next class in my list from this semester passed. Expect this to develop into a pattern. But here I am now, ready to post about my next class, which is Illustration I.

Our first assignment this semester was to re-create ourselves as though we were characters in the hellboy universe. The project was strictly black and white and we had to include a full background in the image:We then received an assignment to pencil an anthology book cover for a painfully bad comic: After that we drew names and each of us inked someone else's pencils for the same project. Then we created wrap-around book covers for a fairy-tale anthology.
We had one final project this semester past but I am not yet at liberty to post what I did here. When I am it shall be posted. Until then,
Love and coffee,

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