Monday, December 29, 2008

This semester P4

The final class I had this past semester was Illustration Media, which may have been the most fun course I had. Now, this is not to devalue any of the other classes, but Media was just... sort of... well, it was like playing instead of being serious all the time, and I really loved that. I don't think I'll post everything from this class but I'll pull out a few highlights to show you.

Here we have, in order, Scratchboard, Watercolor, Oil Rub, the "every hair on a dog" acrylic technique, and the same still-life in pastel and acrylic.

As I said, media is just a plain, fun class, but I also learned a great deal.
Love, and coffee,

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  1. LOVE AND COFFEE PRESSES MOSTLY BECAUSE I LOVE YOUR COFFEE PRESS ... no really its very beautiful ma'dahling