Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Break Stuff 1

So, let me start by telling you about Joe. He's one of the sweetest, most awesome guys I know and even though he deletes the comments I make on his journal and he took down the photo he posted of me on facebook because he was gonna post it to his blog but then he never did, I adore him. And actually, his desire to keep me out of his "professional" stuff is about as bad as he gets and he just wants to be taken seriously. Of course I know no one is going to take me seriously, so I don't even try. ^_^ Anyway, I am super-lucky to be with this guy and so for XMas I planned on giving him something very cute. but then I had to trash the idea. So I made character designs:
And a cute little ilustration:
(we're playing a card game, 'cause that's what we do for fun, 'cause we're dorky ^_^) And then over the break we talked and he gave me a character to design and I was very excited but then had a lot of trouble...

After I got a less than enthusiastic reaction to the first designs I did, which was fair, because I hadn't done any research into plate armor and thus had no idea what I was doing. I decided to go with an armor I could picture more clearly and went... well, Roman:
I like this design, I think she's cute. I don't know what sort of character she'll be, Joe sort of started her or me and changed her but I am thinking Bard ^_^.
Love, and coffee,

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