Monday, January 5, 2009

Break Stuff 2: A little Experiment

Of late I have been increasingly of the opinion that I oughtn't to use digital media at all, since in my case the tablet seems to take longer than traditional media. I was starting to feel like I am just too slow to be an illustrator, which is kind of a scary thought. So I did an experiment. I asked one of my peers, Joe Johnson, to take the sketch I did and time how long it took for him to ink it. I did the same.

I don't know how long the sketch took,

Inking took me 28 min,

Flats took 31 minutes,

Shading took and hour and 19 minutes. (7:57-8:25-8:56-10:15)

Mr. Johnson took 29 minutes, but his linework is far more interesting:
This image is the creation and property of Joseph Johnson.

So, I think I can continue to play with digital, but I do need to make my linework more interesting. Hopefully with practice I can move faster... I am thinking I will throw a background on the piece, justa leetle one! So, if I do, it'll be posted ^_^
Love and coffee,

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