Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Break Stuff 3: The Experiment Continues

The error in the previous experiment was that the resolution I did the lines at was very low. So I wanted to try again and do the lines large enough that I could print it and all... but... {sigh}
Sketch, no idea how long it took, but it's old and has some problems to start with,
Lines took 37 Minutes,
Flats took 32 min (9:17-9:54-10:26)

I intentionally picked a sketch that would take some correction but working at the higher-resolution... I don't know... there's something very different, and it was hard, I don't think there is a single line-segment I drew less than twice. I am going to try again, tomorrow, I don't know whatI should do differently, but there's something wrong with the linework, I am doing something wrong. I do not know what it is...
Love and coffee,

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