Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sketch and prep-work

So, I have been working hard so far all summer and have scarcely had time to pick up a pencil. But I have finished with my father's room my friend and teacher Lynn passed a commission on to me and it's for a wedding that is coming right up on Saturday. I also went to my friend Ivy's graduation and finally got to sit still long enough to put pen to paper. The results were largely mediocre and I am putting some paint down on them but there was one doodle that I liked well enough that I wanted to scan it before I paint it. Here's that:

And here's the test piece for the commission. I'm still not sold on the water, but there's no time to procrastinate! Working on the final now!
Wish me luck!! Love and coffee,


  1. your test piece looks great anne, i look forward to seeing the final.