Thursday, July 30, 2009

A prototype, a final and a gift.

First, a Prototype, finally cooked and given to my sister. I am contemplating buying a bunch of different fake nails, tossing them on a sheet of tinfoil in the oven and seeing what survives, because these ones... didn't... {frownyface} Buuuut, it was sort of an interesting result. Just wish I had gotten a couple better photos.

Then we have the final from the commission I did for Mr. Ryan. He was very nice to work for and he seemed happy. The painting was commissioned as a wedding gift for the couple pictured in it and the final took me two days to complete.

Did I mention that the commission initially was offered to a friend and teacher of mine? Her name is Lynn Driscoll (Anthony now? She married Bob the builder...) and I had to do a little test after I picked up the cold-press paper for the final, so I figured I'd do something for her as a thank you for passing the commission on to me.
Pretty huh?

All for now. Love and coffee,

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