Saturday, August 1, 2009

GD project for Polly's

I should have scanned the original diagram so you could see... I also need to snap a few photos of Polly's. Mostly 'cause it's a pretty cool place. Anyway, we have this diagram at work that is used to divide the dining room among whichever waitresses are working at any given moment and for the hostess to make notes about what time each table was seated. The old diagram was very inaccurate (mine still isn't to scale since it doesn't need to be perfect and wasn't worth the time it would take to measure everything) and didn't reflect the layout of the tables very well. It is now very clear which table is which and I have added places for the times to be written in. Certain tables often seat two parties of two and those tables have spots for both parties arrivals. It's not much but it's nice to know I am making life a little less chaosy for my comrades at the restaurant.

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