Saturday, September 26, 2009

Children's book... UGH.

Children's book has not been going particularly well. It's supposed to be my fun class, my free to do what I want class. Working with Justin has been difficult. On the one hand it's his story, he deserves some control. On the other hand, he's very particular, and I had some trouble keeping myself interested in the project. I needed to be able to move forward. Here is the piece I thought would be the last I ever did for the project:

and what I thought would be the last character design work for it:
and here's why:

The last time I put pen to paper to do character revisions, the above is what resulted... or part of what resulted. I was ready to give up and do something else. I asserted my position and sat down with my creative partner and I think things are ready to move forward again. The main problem I was having involved the mother, who has now been completely cut from the story all together, she may be seen once at the end, from behind. Maybe.
Love and coffee,

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  1. aw haha just looking at these makes me curious about the story though :D

    and as for Justin, just spray him in the eyes with some vinegar water x)