Sunday, September 20, 2009

God. Fing Computers.

Had to do a portrait for Computer Illustration. Huge pain in the ass. I chose to do Gustav Klimt and to base my illustration on a painting of his. Unfortunately, as graphic as his work was, it still had brush-strokes and bits of stray color, and texture and generally looked 9-million times better than anything I could do with illustrator. I did three versions of the final image:

On the left is a version in which the colors in the skin are drawn from a self-portrait of Richard Gerstl, who was a fellow of Klimt's in the Vienna Secession. The middle image is my original idea, which pulls the flesh colors from Klimt's piece: Hope II. This is also the image that the other elements of the image are drawn from. The pattern and colors on the clothing as well as the background are drawn from that painting. It's beautiful, look it up. The image on the right is just my attempt at a normal flesh color.
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