Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Commission work

Having received new photos for my commission for the portrait of the two boys I made up two new thumbnails:
I, of course, preferred the less formal, less posed image on the left, the photos I would be referencing were very nice, the older boy looked like a cherub in his photo. I left it to the commissioner to decide and he seems to be a fan of formality, so formal it shall be. :)

Did I mention I am trying to finish this piece by the end of the week? I also have a second commission to finish by the end of the week, for our friend Chris. It's a portrait of his daughter, for his wife for their anniversary, which was passed before he sent me the reference. She is seriously adorable (even if you can't tell from my thumbnails):
I was concerned that he wanted her whole body in the image and I was having trouble making it work so I drew the above thumbnails and asked him. He said he prefers the bust and that made me happy. ^_^

The drawing for the two boys is done, the background is a little crazy, but I am confident I can make it work. After these two I have another commission for another co-worker at the census, also of children, and then I have some older work to catch up on. Lots to do before school picks up.
Love and coffee,

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