Monday, July 19, 2010


This piece is fighting with me every inch of the way. I'm to the painting part and at times I think it's just a little too big for this technique, but I know I can do it. The drawing was tough too, but I got it:

And then there's the piece for our friend Chris. His daughter is so cute that she's actually making it harder, it's gonna be a real challenge to do her proper justice. For example, I initially drew her and thought the drawing was done. When I got to school to scan it I realized how off it was and ended up erasing nearly the whole drawing, but to good end. Here's the final drawing for that piece:

Last for this post is the thumbnail for the piece with Lydia's kids. We met at the beach early in the morning and I got some good shots to work from. My favorite ones didn't show the kids' faces so I decided to do additional portraits so she has each of the kids and also the group shot. This is entirely selfish, of course. It allows me to do the painting I want, who would say no to bonus art? :)
And that is all for now!
Love and coffee,

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